Eduardo Pérez González graduate in 1994 at The Metropolitan University of Mexico City as graphic communication designer where he was granted with the university medal; in 1997 he was granted by the Dutch Foundation NUFFIC to follow the postgraduate course in interactive multimedia in Groningen, The Netherlands.
He obtained the scholarship from de CONACYT (national council for science and technology) to follow the master degree in Architecture design at the National University of Mexico city in which he graduated with the Thesis “architecture in virtual environments” in January 2003.
He’s been participating in diverse workshops, symposiums, going from lexicology, semantics, object design (by Vitra Design Museum and the George Pompidou museum in France), oriental techniques of coloring (Mexico), lithography (the Netherlands), and film history (national film institute of Mexico).
He’s been organizing art and design exhibitions, film festivals, discussion groups etc.
He has participated in collective and individual exhibitions of photography, design, painting, illustration, video, interactive media etc, in Mexico, Italy and the Netherands. He was founder of the magazine “La orquidea susurrante”, in Mexico City in the early 90s. His art work is been presented within musician Rodrigo Sigal’s performances all over the world.
Eduardo Pérez design is been shown at Holanda 2003 Latin-American design exhibition, in Amsterdam, in which he’s been co organizer. His work is been presented also at the NOT 2006 (Exhibition for Dutch education), with an animation for the Publisher Bekadidakt.
He participate designing for the book Nijmegen 2000, to celebrate the anniversary of the oldest city in the Netherlands.
He’s been awarded in 1996 with a 1st place in the contest ‘young painters’ [Cuajimalpa, México]. In 2006 he was awarded at the PREMIO ITALIA PER LE ARTI VISIVE [XXI edition], [Capraia Fiorentina, Florence].
Also in 2006 he’s been awarded with the art work ‘gosumy electronics’  in the EM”ARTE 2006 Concorso Internazionale di Arti Visive [Livorno, Italy].

Eduardo Pérez I Laloberinto launched in 2006 his clothing line for kids “theArk” Colorful Clothing. With sustainable background.

He started the “Healthy Design studio” a collaboration with BCG e-projects to develop sustainable projects for web infrastructure and e-commerce.

Eduardo is been invited to give lectures and conferences about architecture and cyber culture at the faculty of architecture of the National University of Mexico, and the faculty of communication of the intercontinental university at Mexico City.
Laloberinto is the name of the designer’s firm he fund in 2005. Eduardo Pérez González, focus his work in the field of art and design, producing visually strong work with clear and simple visual style. He is working as graphic communicator designer and project coordinator based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
Eduardo Pérez González (laloberinto) was born in Mexico City in 1971 and lives since 1999 in The Netherlands.