The MOTI museum [Museum of the image] Breda

The MOTI museum [Museum of the image] Breda

La exposición Pop-Up generation en el museo de la Imagen MOTI en la ciudad del sur de holanda Breda, reunió a un grupo de diseñadores de varios países, entre los cuales Rodrigo Solorzano (Mexico) por su interrelación entre las 2 y 3 dimensiones. Según la curadora Lidewij Edelkoort son diseñadores de una generación que está […]

Laloberinto Sponsoring Concert “Jorge Jimenez Rubio”

Jimenez was selected to sing before the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Rigoberta Menchu, and has performed on numerous occasions by invitation in, England, France, Italy, Germany, Morocco, Cuba and the United States.
Another recent event was in July of this year in Berlin where he appeared with the famed soprano Anna Maria Kaufmann at the Berlin Class Open Air Festival. At this event, Jimenez was hailed by the media as a rising new operatic star, with headlines following that “A New Star is Born”. Jimenez later appeared in four concerts in the Tuscany region of Italy to huge acclaim, and also recently performed before King Mohammed VI of Morocco in private concert in Marakkech.

Organized by, you can read more about it and make reservations by contacting them

Location :
De vertrekhaal
Havennummer 285
Benjamin Franklinstraat 507
3029 AC Rotterdam

Laloberinto [A&D] website 2012

Laloberinto [A&D] website 2012

Welcome to my new website.

Laloberinto [Art & Design] is my nickname that represents the passion for images, graphics and technology; a creative world that is stimulated by experiences and imagination.
The way we communicate today is in continuos change, we evolve. In the last years I’ve been using lots of divers systems and techniques for communication and designing. This time I’m using wordpress that gives me the room to explore possibilities and give solutions to practical problems for  adding, publishing and organizing content, but also creating web shops, making reservations systems or linking with iTunes or other feeds.

There are futures to find in this new version of my website.
In the section PORTFOLIO I present a selection of some of the projects that have been tracing my evolution in the creation of visuals. I find important to receive more feedback and therefore I have inserted the option to share with friends. Of course you can always drop me a line trough the contact form. There is also a section for NEWS that will present you with updates and with invitations to events or exhibitions. And not to forget that the section SERVICES will give you a clear overview on the services you can request where I will be happy to help you and give power to your imagination!