Gosumy [let’s make things tomorrow]

Gosumy Nanotechnology [let’s make things tomorrow]

This Art project was made to highlight the paradoxes of electronic products for a post-consumption era.
We used a sensor system that react playing a video at the shop display when a person approached it.
The Video presented fiction products presented by an avatar at the screen having the illussion that the avatar was talkin” to the person approaching them.

Gosumy has been awarded at “EM”ARTE 2006 Concorso Internazionale di Arti Visive” Liborno, Italy.

This project is been developed with funds of Laloberinto and Hein Van Meelis, and the support of gosumy nanotechnology.

Concept gosumy devices, texts and objects original
design by Laloberinto & Hein Van Meelis

Graphic Design, photography & video by

Computers and sensor system by Hein Van Meelis

Special thanks to:
Music by Rodrigo Sigal

Henar Tejedor

Jewelry Model:

Voice gosumy:

Text corrections:
Brecht Van Eyndhoven

Contact gosumy for more information to:

See gosumy 2006 Project by clicking here

View video presentation of Gosumy company


View video of the Gosumy product  “the Instant Healer”


Click to enlarge the pictures at the kronenburger winkel in the frame of Epicentrum Art festival [Arnhem 2005]

Download the PDF brochure Gosumy-2004

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